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By kelceandco11857289, Mar 17 2020 03:41PM

March 18, 2020

Re: SARS-CoV-2

Kelce & Company is providing cleaning and sanitizing services during this time. We have a full line of EPA Approved Emerging Viral Pathogens products used to apply anti-viral and anti-microbial solutions, either in a wipe down method or using a ULV fogger.

Our technicians are taking every precaution to keep themselves safe and to keep our customers safe, as well. All hoses and wands are sanitized after each job and our technicians are wearing vinyl gloves (the gloves are used to keep them safe from contracting and/or spreading germs and the gloves are replaced after each job).

We can clean and sanitize your carpet and other flooring. This is also a good time to clean and sanitize your commercial kitchens and dining rooms.

Kelce & Company was established in 1980 and has 40 years of experience to bring to the table during this crisis time.

By kelceandco11857289, Nov 29 2018 04:21PM

As the weather gets colder, we have moved our epoxy projects indoors. Check out this shower room we did at a Rockford area nursing home. We started with an outdated ceramic tile and installed a beautiful Quartz floor system, along with a 4’ cove around the walls. This creates a seamless and water tight floor.


By kelceandco11857289, Sep 26 2018 02:04PM

A beautiful start to a newly done basement.

Epoxy adds beauty in creaative ways!

By kelceandco11857289, May 18 2018 04:46PM

A deep cleaning includes a thorough application of the cleaning detergent allowing it to dwell on the carpet and grab the soil. Next is the agitation process which aggressively cleans each carpet fiber, knocking the soil off. This is followed with a thorough, pure hot water extraction to remove the soil and detergent. As you can tell from the photos shown here, the before and after results are something to cheer about!

By kelceandco11857289, Feb 23 2018 03:12PM

Ceramic Tile and Grout - who wants that job? Am I right? Call Kelce there is no job too big or small, we'll take them all! Call us today for a free estimate.

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