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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Looking for the best carpet cleaning in Rockford?  Kelce & Company has been Rockford’s premier carpet cleaning service since 1980. Our team of cleaning experts will restore your carpet to its naturally beautiful state.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Create a healthy work environment by regular cleaning of your carpeting.  Carpeting is the largest filter in your facility, trapping contaminents and can be the cause of employee sickness.


A regularly cleaned carpet will not only create a healthier work environment it will also double the useful carpet life.  Get twice as much usage from your carpet which will save money in replacement costs and time while your facility is not producing during the installation.


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  • Kelce & Co. will give you your own personalized service, paying extra attention to problem areas, stains, spots and pet odors.

  • You can trust our professionally trained technicians to protect your investment.

  • With our truck-mounted hot water extraction system, you can rest assured that we are using the most powerful equipment and safest products available to remove that tough, ground in soil during your carpet cleaning. It is the most recommended method by carpet manufacturers, including the largest manufacturer of carpet in the world, Shaw Industries.

  • Pet odor or urine, deodorizing, carpet protector are a few of the additional services we offer, making us the one-stop place for all of your carpet cleaning needs. Check out our Pet Odor and Urine Treatment tab for more information. Click Here!


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Allergy Relief Treatment

Allergy Relief and Cleaning is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, dye and perfume free. This process was created for those that suffer from dust mite and pet dander allergies, and chemical odor sensitivities. It’s safe and effective for use in homes with children and pets.


Not only can we clean and neutralize the allergens in your carpet, we can clean and treat your mattresses and upholstery.


Our powerful steam cleaning process uses hot water and specially formulated allergy solution to remove allergens. Followed with an application of our allergy relief spray to neutralize any allergens that remain.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

At Kelce and Company, we treat your area rugs like our very own. Each rug has its own individual character and cleaning needs and believe in handling your rug with the best personalized care! Whether it’s a machine made rug or a priceless heirloom, we handle them carefully!


     • Thoroughly inspect each rug, examining the weave, fiber and dye type.

     • Deep vacuum each rug to remove the dry, embedded soil which can dull and scratch


     • Hand wash each rug to preserve the rug yarn and fiber appearance. Paying special

        attention to detail. Each rug is hand cleaned three times to ensure your investment is

        brought back to its original charm.

     • Fringe is cleaned by hand to provide detailed inspection and care. The results are a b

        bright and crisp clean finish

     • Drying of your rug is controlled by powerful air movers, which will leave your rugs

        cleaner, softer and fresher than you’ve ever imagined.


We can remove pet odor or urine, deodorize, treat for sewer of flooding damage, bringing your rug back to a healthy state.


Can’t get the rug to our facility, our careful technicians will come to your home to pick up and delivery it back to you.


Need the fringe remove? We can replace fringe and bind rugs through another partnership with a quality company. Another reason Kelce & Co. is your one-stop source for all your cleaning needs.

Pet Odor and Urine Treatment

If you have pet stains, we are the experts!


Our arsenal of pet odor eliminating products will have your carpets back to normal quickly.


We identify the area using a probe that penetrates the surface of the carpet, into the pad, detecting the severity of the problem. We have developed several options to correct the problem areas. The carpets are cleaned and treated with a blend of odor counteractants, contaminant digesting enzymes and antimicrobial agents. Sometimes the odor is more severe and requires pad removal, subfloor decontamination. Kelce & Co can handle even the most severely damaged situations.


Our process will create a healthier environment for your family by removing harmful microbes, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.


Call today to set up an appointment to discuss which options suit you.