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Enlist our 33 years of experience to maintain your business's clean and efficient setting.

Hard Flooring

We offer a variety of programs for your hard floor maintenance. If you need an occasional strip and recoat, we can provide that. As well as a complete maintenance program from stripping, shower scrubbing, high speed burnishing, or a spray buff. Our customers include schools, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, hair salons, and a variety of other industries.

Whether you run an office or a restaurant, keeps it running at optimum efficiency with our dedicated and fully insured and bonded cleaning services.

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Kitchen Hood Systems

We offer pressure washing of hood systems, removing the greasy build up in your exhaust system, roof fan blade cleaning, and polishing of the stainless hood as a finishing touch. We will leave your hood cleaned to the bare metal, floors mopped and your hood sparkling. Our customers include many national chain and local restaurants, hospitals, schools and nursing homes.

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Janitor Service:

Kelce & Company has maintained it's reputation as a premium quality janitorial service company for over 31 years because of our attention to detail and custom cleaning programs.


We service a wide range of industries and businesses. Our custom programs are ideal for small to large organizations.


Our personalized service beginning with our trained technicians to our supervisors to the hands on and immediate availability of our management team to address any needs you may have are the reasons we have many long term clients.

  • Supervised janitorial technicians

  • Communications log book and internet log

  • Zone cleaning to enhance the overall image of your facility

  • Family owned