Douse the risk

Clearing your dryer's filter of lint after each load is important to energy efficiency and safety, but otherwise insignificant buildups in vents can become serious problems over the years. Maintain your unit's reliability with our thorough vent cleaning.


Lint build-ups are fire hazards.

Let our 33 years of experience benefit you and your family today. Keep your dryer safe.

Avoid becoming a statistic

An estimated 15,000 each year start dryers. When lint builds up in your unit's vents, the dryer quickly overheats, which can ignite the highly combustible lint. Turn to our decades-proven cleaning and prevention strategies to keep your unit safe.

Maintain factory quality

Have us take a look at your dryer today. We'll clean the back of it, the vent

and replace any ducting that is damaged, no longer fitting well or unsuitable for use in any other way. Don't let a simple household appliance become a danger.

Keep your dryer unit running safely be ensuring years of use haven't left a thicket of lint deposits in its vents.

Prevent a fire hazard

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