Allergy Relief Treatment

Allergy Relief and Cleaning is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, dye and perfume free. This process was created for those that suffer from dust mite and pet dander allergies, and chemical odor sensitivities. It’s safe and effective for use in homes with children and pets.


Not only can we clean and neutralize the allergens in your carpet, we can clean and treat your mattresses and upholstery.


Our powerful steam cleaning process uses hot water and specially formulated allergy solution to remove allergens. Followed with an application of our allergy relief spray to neutralize any allergens that remain.


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Lighten your load and let us put our 33 years of cleaning experience to your good use.

Ceramic Tile and Grout

When your tile and grout will not come as clean as you’d like, Kelce & Co. is ready to clean and rejuvenate it back to its original color! We’ve been serving the tile and grout cleaning needs of Northern Illinois for over 30 years.


     • State of the art truck mounted extraction system, the best in the tile and grout

        cleaning industry, to give you a sparkling clean floor.

     • Expert technicians trained on many different kinds of tile and grout, specializing in

        textured tiles that may have embedded dirt in dimples and crevices. We leave your

        home with no unsightly dirt or grime!

     • To keep your grout looking clean and fresh, we apply a high quality sealant which  

        helps prevent dirt, sand and more from staining your tile, making it clean up like new!

Dryer Vent System Cleaning

The build-up of lint in your vent can reduce airflow in our dryer, causing overheating. It is estimated that annually 15,000 fires are associated with dryers. Don’t let that happen to you!


The lint that gathers in the vent is highly combustible, coupled with the reduced airflow, creates an environment ripe for a fire.


Kelce & Company will clean the back of your dryer, the vent and replace any ducting that is not properly attached, crimped or damaged.





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Marble and Stone Cleaning

We are experts in heavy cleaning and polishing of any natural stone. Want your marble floor to shine? Our expert technicians will bring back that luster and rejuvenate your stone floor. Whether it’s a floor, countertops, fireplace mantle or hearth, we can bring that life back!

Oriental Rug Cleaning

At Kelce and Company, we treat your area rugs like our very own. Each rug has its own individual character and cleaning needs and believe in handling your rug with the best personalized care! Whether it’s a machine made rug or a priceless heirloom, we handle them carefully!


     • Thoroughly inspect each rug, examining the weave, fiber and dye type.

     • Deep vacuum each rug to remove the dry, embedded soil which can dull and scratch


     • Hand wash each rug to preserve the rug yarn and fiber appearance. Paying special

        attention to detail. Each rug is hand cleaned three times to ensure your investment is

        brought back to its original charm.

     • Fringe is cleaned by hand to provide detailed inspection and care. The results are a b

        bright and crisp clean finish

     • Drying of your rug is controlled by powerful air movers, which will leave your rugs

        cleaner, softer and fresher than you’ve ever imagined.


We can remove pet odor or urine, deodorize, treat for sewer of flooding damage, bringing your rug back to a healthy state.


Can’t get the rug to our facility, our careful technicians will come to your home to pick up and delivery it back to you.


Need the fringe remove? We can replace fringe and bind rugs through another partnership with a quality company. Another reason Kelce & Co. is your one-stop source for all your cleaning needs.

Pet Odor and Urine Treatment

If you have pet stains, we are the experts!


Our arsenal of pet odor eliminating products will have your carpets back to normal quickly.


We identify the area using a probe that penetrates the surface of the carpet, into the pad, detecting the severity of the problem. We have developed several options to correct the problem areas. The carpets are cleaned and treated with a blend of odor counteractants, contaminant digesting enzymes and antimicrobial agents. Sometimes the odor is more severe and requires pad removal, subfloor decontamination. Kelce & Co can handle even the most severely damaged situations.


Our process will create a healthier environment for your family by removing harmful microbes, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.


Call today to set up an appointment to discuss which options suit you.

Upholstery Cleaning

Northern Illinois most experienced and expert company cleaning your upholstery and furniture. We are recommended by high end interior decorators and furniture stores. Trust us with your fine furnishings!


     • Your upholstery and furniture is in safe hands with our professional trained


     • We specialize in those hard –to-clean and problem materials such as velvet, cottons

        and leathers.

     • Our cleaning system is designed to gently clean all the crevices of your furniture,

        making sure your entire piece is completely cleaned.

     • We understand that each piece of furniture is unique and requires specialized care.

     • We offer fabric protector to help maintain a bright, freshly cleaned look, protect

        against dirt, dust and grime and keep spills from penetrating, saving you time and      



Call us today to clean your upholstery and furniture!

Whole House Cleaning

Not only is Kelce & Company your resource for carpet cleaning in Rockford, we also provide whole house cleaning.  We specialize in pack outs, foreclosure clean ups and deep cleaning projects including hoarder and clutter clean outs.


Our staff will provide you with compassionate, prompt and professional service.


     • Itemize and sort contents

     • Disposal of unwanted contents

     • Construction repairs to home including tear out, rebuilding and painting

     • Animal or human feces removal and clean up


You can trust Kelce & Company for all of your specialized cleaning needs.  Call us for a free estimate today!

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Decorative Concrete Flooring

Kelce & Company is Northern Illinois's premier installer of decorative flooring solutions.  We offer decorative flooring solutions for ALL concrete surfaces whether it be your 200 square foot back patio or your 20,000 square foot industrial chemical storage  facility. From old, cracked stained concrete to new "green" concrete indoor and out. We can transform your concrete into a beautiful addition to your home or business.


We design a flooring system based on what you want not limiting you to only a select few colors or combination.


We believe using only the highest quality, longest lasting products is very important. Our top priority is meeting our customers' needs and desires while being cost conscience of your budget and thorough when designing the best system.


Our coatings are available in a wide range of colors and our flake flooring systems are available in an endless array of color combinations. The systems we offer are made and manufactured by well renowned companies known for their high quality products and proven track records of success.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Intensive Cleaning Extends the Life of your Wood Floors

Mold and Mildew Cleanup

Our latest mold clean up.  Black mold found in a facility that needed to be removed and cleaned up quickly.  Kelce & Co. was able to get this business back up and running in 3 days.

Kelce and Company Cleaning Process doesn't just clean the surface like most systems and products; it extracts hidden dirt deep within the boards of hardwood fl oors. Improve indoor air quality and circulation plus rejuvenate hardwood fl oors with this professional hardwood fl oor maintenance procedure.


  • Removes large pieces of dirt and debris.

  • Improves indoor air quality


  • Aggresively attacks tough dirt.

  • successfully agitates and loosens embedded dirt and residue trapped deep within floors that simple mopping or daily maintenance can’t remove.

  • The solution is extracted quickly from the floor with the squeegees, leaving the floor dry.

Detailed Hand Cleaning

  • Edges and diffi cult to reach corners are thoroughly cleaned.

  • A microfi ber cloth is used to securely capture dirt and debris.

  • Careful attention is paid to detail.

Second Scrub

  • Neutralizes the floor.

  • Works great on all woods and laminate flooring.

  • Picks up any remaining dirt and residue.

Microfiber MOP

  • Ensures the floor has a streak free shine.

  • Leaves floors spotless and residue free.

  • Beautiful floors are achieved without a sand and finish.